Refinery and pipeline terrain

Even though my battle mat works well for 40k as well as Age of Sigmar, the scenery I have works a little less. Castle walls and ruined towers do not sufficiently convey the grim darkness of the 41st millennium in my opinion. Ruins are great, but I wanted something different to really show why armies fight for a small piece of terrain. Plus, ruins wouldn’t fit in too nicely with the wastelands battle mat. Instead I decided to design a refinery of some kind, and also mimic the promethium pipelines that are so versatile and prevalent on most people’s boards.

I started by browsing my local hardware store for inspiration, and found some PVC fittings and six feet of pipe for $20. I figured if I added some details and rivets I could make something convincing.

I cut the bottom of the elbow off, and added a ring of card stock the the end where the pipe met the fitting. At the dollar store I found some plastic gemstone stickers that worked well for rivets. These were super glued on, and were much easier to use than making my own little rivets.

I used the same idea with the rivets on a couple of tall coffee cans. I think the details again distract the eye from what the original object was. To give somewhere for models to move around at elevation I made a walkway with some granny grating from the dollar store and some wooden stir sticks. I may add some railings eventually but they are likely to break off.

After sanding everything down with some sandpaper I primed everything black, and then sprayed some stainless steel paint on to everything. This paint has pieces of metal in it apparently, and is made by krylon. The effect is a subtle texture, something quite different from simply adding sand and glue. Everything was eventually sealed with a matte coat.

Once the scenery was painted silver, it was time to add some rust and dirt, to make them look like they belong on a battlefield. I also decided to add some signage in the form of roman numerals, the numbers 14 and 15. At this point the pipes are still fully separable, and I can change then length of individual sections if I want to.


The rust around the rivets was done with Seraphim Sepia shade, and the spots of rust were my P3 Ember Orange paint. The pipes themselves had a light wash of Agrax Earthshade, and the base of the connectors was covered in Stirland Mud.




A daemon prince of the 14th legion stands before the storage tanks…



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