Path to Glory – Revisited

Six months ago I created this blog post detailing how I was starting a Path to Glory campaign at my local club, and how I’d balance things out nicely. Well, this month Games Workshop released the new Path to Glory supplement, so I just had to dive into it and see how they had improved some of the things I had worked on.

I came out of the book confused, because on one hand they had balanced all of the follower tables, and added the requirement of spending a glory point in addition to a follower slot to get some of the better units. Due to this I could see my own Path to Glory campaign no longer requiring random rolls, even though I found those really fun. What struck me though was that there was no change to summoning, and allegiance abilities were assumed to be used.

Now, we are only a month away from the General’s Handbook 2017, which may fix some more balance issues with the allegiance abilities, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens there. The summoning thing I think I would still limit, saying that you can only summon units that are on your follower tables. Sorry fellow Death players, no Mournguls for you.

What I really liked was the addition of the rules for using a Start Collecting box for a campaign. Excited by what I saw, and even though I don’t have a club to start a campaign with at the moment, I decided I’d pick up a Start Collecting box anyways. I figured it’d be a great time and way to start my Khorne Daemons army.

And then I saw the Start Collecting Khorne Daemons rules. Go ahead, have a look at them.

Yeah, they aren’t there. Same with Tzeentch Daemons. I know you can do without them, but still. Other boxes that don’t necessarily need the rules spelled out are there, but not what are probably two of the most popular Start Collecting boxed. I have no idea why. I posted my concerns for this on the Age of Sigmar facebook page, and their response was that the FAQ team would look into it. I mean that’s a pretty glaring omission, what else has been missed? Perhaps I’ve got to dig a little deeper through the book…

So in short, this books fixes a little of the balance issues, but we’ll have to wait and see if allegiance abilities are going to be a blessing or a bane, and how summoning shakes out on the tabletop.

But in other news, hey, I’m starting  Khorne Daemons army that will work for both Age of Sigmar and 40k! Stay tuned for some updates there!



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