Making flying stems from Envirotex Lite

Envirotex Lite is definitely one of my top three materials to work. It’s a two-part resin product meant for finishing bars and encasing things in clear resin, but I’ve found it a great material for many other things. One of those things is for flying stems! It’s simple really, just take some drinking straws and fold one end over on itself. This is  very important step otherwise your resin will leak everywhere! Then, add resin, and wait 24 hours before cutting the straws off. The other important thing to do is stand the straws in container, this will help you not have to hold it while you pour the resin.

My new stems, and a casting of a woodland scenics rock mold. Once I’ve drybrushed it you’ll be able to see the details a lot better.

Straw size is an important factor here. I would have used thinner straws if I could have found them, but even the slightly larger ones I had were difficult to get the resin into. If you wanted to cast smaller straws you’d probably have to sit the straw in the resin and let the straw fill itself before removing the straw it and letting it cure.

I had a lot of bubbles in mine, I think because I had a little more hardener than resin so it cured quicker. Normally the bubbles will rise out. Another cool thing you can do it dd a little bit of paint to tint the resin. A little goes a long way here.

I’m going to be putting these to use in an Ironjawz army that I’ve had for a while. Flying bases on Ironjawz? It’s going to be as crazy as it sounds! Stay tuned.


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