The Path to a Painted Tournament Army – Part 5

Tournament is officially five days away. I’ve not got as much done as I’d wanted in the past week, but I have a feeling these next five days are going to be very productive. Today I managed to finish my Chaos Spawn fully, which is super handy as they are also my Flesh-eater Courts Crypt Horrors that I’m using for the Path to Glory campaign. I’m only using 10 in the list, but did all 12, as it really isn’t that much more time to paint two additional models. In fact, I’m sure I’ll have some of my aspiring champions turn into Spawn, so I’m going to need them anyways. I’m just not sure what I’ll do if one becomes a Daemon Prince…

These were very simple to paint, and I’m ashamed that it’s taken me this long to finish them. I did cheat a bit and gave them all bloody mouths, so I didn’t have to give too much attention to the teeth. I figure it makes sense, they are Flesh-eaters after all.

The horrors!
The 12 spawn. The bases are looking a little bare, I really need to add something to them.
Closeup spawn/horrors
This is Sir Roland in my Path to Glory warband.

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