Day one on the path to glory

Thursday evening saw the start of Kingston Nexus’ Path to Glory campaign in which seven players went against each other in two battles for glory points. Everything went very smoothly, with minimal changes to the guidelines I had set out. The only changes were to add a way to limit summoning, in the case handled by only being able to summon the units in your warband to the battlefield from reserve, or to re-summon slain units, and also suggesting that people can pick what type of reward they want. I did encourage people to let the dice decide though, and insisted that champion and follower rewards had to be rolled to avoid picking out the best ones to custom build your champion.

The Crimson King and Sir Roland
The Crimson King and Sir Roland (leftmost) plus his two squires.

My warband for this campaign is “The Court of the Crimson King”, settled on a Abhorrent Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon (The Crimson King), and 4 units of Crypt Horrors (Sir Roland, Sir Sandor, Sir Gawain, and Sir Lionel). My first game was played against Scott’s Chaos force, led by Khorne Lord Tom. It was a right bloodbath, and I lost that one once the Wrathmongers got into combat with the Crimson King. My reward for losing that battle was given to Sir Roland, the ability to perform the Dance Macabre, allowing him and his squires to run and charge once per game. This ability was put to good use in the second game I played. It was against Shannon’s High Elves, led by High Warden Zethis the Vengeful, and this too, was a bloodbath. I was shot to pieces, but managed a couple of very solid charges against some High Elf Swordsmen, who then chopped Sir Sandor and Sir Gawain to pieces. After the warband had been resurrected, it was decided that additional help was required. The Crimson King swapped his mount for a Terrorgheist, and a Varghulf, Mordred, was recruited to the warband. Things should fare better next week!

At the end of the night though, Matt was well in the lead with 6 victory points! That’s not a path to glory, that’s a highway! Either way, I think we’re going to have to extend it.

The Court of the Crimson King. I had to make my own Varghulf, seeing as GW doesn't make one anymore... grumblegrumble
The Court of the Crimson King. I had to make my own Varghulf, seeing as GW doesn’t make one anymore… grumblegrumble
Grudge Match, Close and Personal
Lots of grumbling here…
Grudge Match
Overview of the battlefield. This awesome terrain is why we play at Nexus
The Realm of Fire
The Dispossessed march across the Realm of Fire
Cowardly Tom!
Tom holds back to let his own forces get slaughtered. I don’t think he survived…
Push them back!
Surveying the battlefield where the fighting was thickest



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