Ahriman and Geigor no more!

I recently purchased several copies of Burning of Prospero to start a 30k Death Guard army. As many of you will know, this is a big box set with a ton of generic miniatures, but also 2 very specific models: Ahriman and Geigor Fell-Hand. Ahriman is about as Thousand Sons as you can get, being a sorcerer, and Geigor is as Space Wolves as wolfily possible. Neither of these models were going to be very useful to me, and nobody wanted to buy them off me, so I was stuck with 4 of each of them.

Those of you who play Death Guard in 30k will know of two of the characters available to us: Marshall Durak Rask and Section Leader Crysos Morturg. I didn’t know who I’d want to use, if either of them, but wanted to make the models, but I didn’t want to waste my precious MK III marine bodies on them. Seeing as my Ahrimans and Geigors were just sitting there, I figured I’d give converting them a try. Areas that had large pieces removed and left no detail were hidden behind belt pouches and pistol holsters. Heads and weapons from the MK III marines sprues were used too. Here’s the results.

My Durak Rask on the left and Crysos Morturg on the right. Despite Morturg being the Librarian, I chose to base him on Geigor as his more dynamic pose worked better with his weapon choices.
The hammer worked out perfectly replacing Ahrimans staff.
A couple coats of paint should obscure some of the rough edges. If I only had some liquid green stuff…
Rask’s gun is from the Tartaros terminators in the same set. It’s the wrong pistol, but it’s a volkite pistol none the less.

Anyone want to buy an Ahriman and Geigor?


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